Light Therapy


I read this article about Seasonal Affective Disorder on a website called  It specifically addressed the issue of the benefits of light therapy for SAD.   It was very informative and interesting, and I thought I would share it.   The article explains how the lack of daylight can mess with our internal bio rhythms during the winter months when daylight is at its shortest cycle.   The reduced sunlight can leave some people feeling depressed and tired.   Along with the explanation of the condition, you will find recommendations for light therapy lamps, if you are looking to increase the amount of light that you  get in a day.   If you have been experiencing more blah days and less energized days have a read.   And always, Always , ALWAYS, seek medical help if symptoms are severe.




One thought on “Light Therapy

  1. Thanks for sharing! It seems like many people may be affected by the seasonal blues–the thing to keep track of is when they’re worse than average. And that means more than two seasons in a row plus a host of other things in that arena. And absolutely, always consult a professional.


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