Whatever that takes

I believe that it is important to live each day completely.  I believe that each day is a gift and should be cherished.  I believe that each day offers blessings.  We need to appreciate them.  I believe that every day should contain a challenge.  I believe the challenges enrich our lives.  I believe that our biggest challenges can be our biggest teachers.  I believe that we learn our most important lessons when we least expect to be learning anything.  I believe when we talk about our challenges, they become more surmountable.  I believe that if we are blessed by age, we should cherish each added year.  I believe in “not hiding” the cracks in our lives.  I believe in improving ourselves.  I believe that others see us in a kinder light than we see ourselves.  I believe it takes more energy to hate than to forgive.  I believe that what we accomplish in a day is more important than what was left undone.  I believe that the sky is the limit.  I believe we control our limits by how far we allow ourselves to push the edges of our world.  I believe in communication and compromise.  I believe that no one knows what you are thinking or how you are feeling if you do not tell them.  I believe that realizing these beliefs is often difficult.  I believe in learning to help yourself whenever roadblocks occur.  I believe that helping yourself includes reaching out to others for support.  I believe there is often stigma attached to reaching out for support.  I believe that without the fear of stigma more people would seek the support they need.  I believe our goal in life should be to live the best life possible – whatever that takes.


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