Just Imagine

I believe that it is important to live each day completely and enjoy the richness that is our lives.  However, there are times in the life of someone who battles mental illness when living each day completely is simply impossible.  There are days when nothing feels right. Nothing provides a feeling of happiness.  Nothing provides positive energy.  The inability to function in a normal way results from the feeling that a huge truck is parked on our head.  As I think about those excruciating days, I keep seeing a tiny person with HUGE feet trudging through a bog of mud, lifting each foot with great effort, and whomping them down again into the muck.  Imagine this tiny person with huge feet lifting and whomping and lifting and whomping over and over and getting nowhere.  One becomes frustrated, exhausted, and even paralyzed from being unable to take action.

Take a moment and try to imagine this kind of pain and how it might feel.  Take another moment and imagine plodding through and moving past that pain.  Imagine that you want so desperately to be whole again, but the stigma of mental illness keeps you from acknowledging the issue.  Imagine ignoring that stigma.  Imagine the benefits of getting the needed help.  Imagine a day without sadness.  Imagine a day without anxiety and fear. Imagine a day with a clear mind.  Imagine feeling happy again.  Imagine life with a smile. Imagine.