Not The Mentally Ill

Every time I hear about a mass shooting with so many innocents left dead, or parentless, or childless, or friendless, I get sick to my stomach.  Then I get sicker and angrier with each empty platitude the politicians offer, who then do nothing to change the atmosphere and the laws that are causing these outrageous shootings.   And then, to add the proverbial insult to injury,  politicians link these events to mental health illness.  I JUST WANT TO SPIT.  Yes of course the person pulling the trigger is not in their right mind.  Who could be in their right mind when there is so much hate in their heart?  There is so much hate that it causes them to want to kill innocent people.  So much hate that they go out and legally buy automatic rifles, which have no other purpose than to kill a lot people in a short period of time.  It is not the mentally ill who pull those triggers, but the hate mongers.  It is not the mentally ill who won’t change the gun laws, but the politicians.  I am linking this writing to an article that appeared in the Washington Post that says so much of what I would say, but so much better.

Please stop blaming mass shootings on the mentally ill.  Please change the gun laws!





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